Inge Holst is an Australian multi-disciplined creative with an impressive skill-set evolving over 25 years. Her experience encompasses designing and making fashion, costume, props, furnishings and textiles at the forefront of Australian digital textile-printing.

Carousel & Bazaar's creation is a vehicle for Inge to explore creativity in two areas she loves, fashion and interiors, anchored in a rich and luxurious textile collection.

The debut collection of textiles explores two themes, Inge's ongoing fascination with 'granny chic' fashion and the rich history of the world's grand bazaars.

'Granny Chic' and 'The Grand Bazaar' collections are a fresh and modern interpretation of these themes realised as digital prints on luxurious linen, velvet and silk wool.

Carousel & Bazaar textiles bring colour, decadence and chic style to any room.